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Six benefits of cycling

  • February 03, 2021

Six benefits of cycling

1. reduce pressure

When riding a bicycle, you can breathe the fresh outdoor air and see the beautiful environment. When riding a bicycle, the brain secretes a substance to relax the brain.

2. Make the brain healthier and more active

When riding a bicycle with dense traffic in the wild, the cyclist should always pay attention to the situation next to him. This effectively exercises the brain's response and flexibility, and makes the brain's response faster, healthier and more active.

3. Riding a bike can build muscle

Every time you ride a bicycle, the number of turns for a 100-meter leg is about 50 times under normal driving. If you have to walk a longer distance, the more turns you will have, the greater your chance of exercising leg muscles.

4. Can effectively lose weight

Riding a bicycle to lose weight, this is my personal experience. I have gained weight once and reached 110 kilograms. When I heard about riding a bicycle to lose weight, I continued to lose weight for a month. I really lost it and reached my normal weight of 90 kilograms. Therefore, the bicycle is still a weight loss tool.

5. Can increase your cardiorespiratory function

If you insist on riding a bicycle every day, you can also enhance your heart and lung function. The high heat energy brought by cycling can effectively increase one's own metabolism and make blood flow smoothly.

6. Bicycles and free sightseeing

As long as you have time, ride your bicycle and go sightseeing with friends. Close contact with nature can not only increase your interest, but also enhance the friendship with friends.

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