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                                                      Top-Fire Carbon Technology Co., Ltd. is not just another carbon fiber parts factory but playing a leading role and with solid reputation in the field of carbon fiber technology development of OEM in China,and we are a professional carbon bike parts manufacturers, focus on carbon bike frame,  carbon bike forks, carbon bike rims and other carbon bike parts for many years.More than 20 of world class, well trained, full of cycling industrial experienced engineers, designers, material scientists and support technicians have formed the main core of Top-Fire technical team. The Top-Fire technical team has had served name brands from racket brands as Wilson, Prince to the cycling brand Specialized, BMC, Scott, Cevelo, FFWD, Ritchey, Fondriest, Bianchi, BH and so on. Top-Fire also has established the technical cooperation with leading Chinese universities, as well as European bicycling and material consultants, that enabling Top-Fire accumulate wealthy developing data and lots of know-how which just for Top-Fire only.  Top-Fire understands that even the most creative concepts, the finest advanced technology or latest material science means little without close association with cutting edge test. That's why Top-Fire is proud of our modernized, well equipped and staffed product testing center which is outstandingly among carbon fiber bicycle parts manufacturers in China.The most advanced equipment and facilities are used to test the limit of every Top-Fire products. Specific equipment is to test the fatigue and impact performance of carbon fiber frames, forks, rims, handlebars, stems and seat posts. Top-Fire tests to all recognized international standard (EN, JIS, ISO, GB and so on) and its own internal factory standards which are more crucial than international regulations. Finite element analysis, stress testing and engineering, all these works are invested to develop prototypes, despite the expense and manufacturing time.Top-Fire also recognized that laboratory test is only part of the picture. That is why Top-Fire has kept a close relationship with several professional teams and individual champion athletes, who provide real world performance test of Top-Fire products and developing data from the field of professional race.Every designers and brands deserved their own factory. Top-Fire connects the idea, brain and manufacturer by well knowledge and experienced sourcing service.  In Top-Fire you will get the best quality OEM manufacture services that make your business fruitfully.

How to Produce And Cut the Carbon Fiber In TOP-FIRE
How to Produce And Cut the Carbon Fiber In TOP-FIRE
The Production Process of Carbon Rims In TOP-FIRE
The Production Process of Carbon Rims In TOP-FIRE
Carbon Frame Production Technology By TOP-FIRE Factory
Carbon Frame Production Technology By TOP-FIRE Factory
Decal & Painting In TOP-FIRE
Decal & Painting In TOP-FIRE
Carbon Rim Test
Carbon Frame Test
Carbon Bike Components Test
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Do you know the most common sense that all riders should know?
Mar 01, 2021 Do you know the most common sense that all riders should know?

1.Yellow jersey: the overall leader. The total score is the sum of the daily riding time, minus the time the cyclist wins the stage or road section award. Therefore, the player who spends the least amount of time wears a yellow jersey. What is the meaning and significance of cycling jerseys (leader jerseys) of various colors in road cycling races? 2.Green jersey: Sprint points are assigned to the end of each stage, and the person with the most points per day can wear a green jerseyt. Therefore, the green jersey is competing between the sprinters. See who can quickly accelerate at the end of the stage to win the final sprint. All drivers have a chance to win time rewards. In the first week of the Tour de France, there are usually no difficult climbs, and the gap between the drivers is very small, which makes the middle sprint and the finish sprint very exciting. The time for the sprint award in the middle of the stage is 6 seconds for the first place, 4 seconds for the second place, and 3 seconds for the third place. The time for the sprint reward at the end of the stage is 20 seconds. Although it is called the "reward" of time, in fact time is subtracted from the total score. 3.Mountains jersey: white clothes with red dots. This jersey is awarded to the best climber, or more accurately, to the rider with the highest climbing points at the end of each slope. . The higher the grade of the slope, the more points will be earned by the first rider to pass the top grade line. 4.White jersey: Awarded to the best young cyclist. In the Tour de France, "young" means under 25 years old. In some sports, 25-year-old athletes are about to retire, but in cycling, especially in segmented competitions, it is difficult for riders to develop the necessary endurance under the age of 25-30. Of course there are exceptions. For example, EddyMerckx won his first Tour de France title in 1969 when he was 24 years old.

7 truths you didn't know about carbon fiber bikes
Feb 18, 2021 7 truths you didn't know about carbon fiber bikes

With the advent of carbon fiber bicycles, carbon fiber composite materials have become hot materials for industrial production. How is carbon fiber produced? Where does its lighter, stronger, and more rigid properties come from? What is the difference between carbon fiber and metal? Today, I will take you into the production workshop to uncover 7 truths you didn't know about carbon fiber bicycles. Almost all carbon fiber frames are made in Asia. A dazzling array of carbon fiber bicycles are all over the world. Whether it is a foreign brand or a domestic brand, most of the carbon fiber frames and parts of the bicycles on the market come from China or Taiwan. As a local Chinese company, top-fire has China's advanced carbon fiber material production and R&D technology, and is a professional carbon fiber bicycle manufacturer and seller in China. Most of the "raw carbon" of the carbon fiber frame comes from Asia. The carbon fiber is made of polyacrylonitrile (PAN) fiber. Through high-temperature heating, the non-carbon materials in the fibers are burned out, and the long fibers in the polyacrylonitrile are retained. The more fully processed this process, the greater the rigidity of the carbon fiber materials. According to relevant statistics, more than 90% of global carbon fiber supply comes from only six companies: Toray, Teijin Group, Mitsubishi Rayon, Zoltek, Hexcel and Cytec, while Toray, Teijin and Mitsubishi have contracted Almost two-thirds of the world's carbon fiber production. Each bicycle uses more than one type of carbon fiber. There are many ways to present carbon fiber: raw silk, carbon fiber cloth, and chopped fiber. Different carbon fibers are used in different ways: chopped fibers are generally used for bicycle pedals; the main purpose of carbon fiber cloth is to make bicycle frames, and continuous carbon fiber cloth is wound on the frame mold like cloth; while raw silk is due to processing technology Complexity is relatively rare in the bicycle industry. An indispensable process in the production of carbon fiber frame. If you want to have an ultra-high rigidity carbon fiber frame, it is impossible to use only carbon fiber as a raw material. Carbon fiber itself is very fragile and split. In order to retain the characteristics of carbon fiber itself and to make the bicycle frame with ultra-high rigidity, carbon fiber will be immersed in epoxy resin (a gel-like material) before entering the mold, forming what we usually Said "carbon fiber composite material", this production process is called "pre-preg". Bicycle companies do not set carbon fiber grades. There are professional terms such as high modulus or "ultra-high modulus" in the carbon fiber production process of almost every bicycle company on the market, which is not fabricated or negotiated out of thin air by bicycle companies. Carbon fiber is divided into different grades according to its own stiffness, and evaluated according to tensile modulus or deformation under pressure...


TOP-FIRE IS SEEKING PARTNER! This is our new design e-bike frame and seeking cooperation. If you are interested in this frame model or you are just looking for this kind of frame. Welcome cooperate with us. Kindly contact with me for more details ! FM-MD23 FM-MD25

Chinese New Year Holiday During 10th Feb To 17 th Feb
Feb 03, 2021 Chinese New Year Holiday During 10th Feb To 17 th Feb

Dear Customers, We are in Chinese new year holiday during 10th Feb to 17th Feb. Top-Fire team are happy to receive inquiry from your side,our salesmans work with your inquiry during this time. All orders(Carbon rims/carbon bike parts/carbon bicycle frame) will ship after holiday. Email: [email protected] [email protected] Whatsapp:+8615295064719 Happy new year Top-Fire Team

Six benefits of cycling
Feb 03, 2021 Six benefits of cycling

Six benefits of cycling 1. reduce pressure When riding a bicycle, you can breathe the fresh outdoor air and see the beautiful environment. When riding a bicycle, the brain secretes a substance to relax the brain. 2. Make the brain healthier and more active When riding a bicycle with dense traffic in the wild, the cyclist should always pay attention to the situation next to him. This effectively exercises the brain's response and flexibility, and makes the brain's response faster, healthier and more active. 3. Riding a bike can build muscle Every time you ride a bicycle, the number of turns for a 100-meter leg is about 50 times under normal driving. If you have to walk a longer distance, the more turns you will have, the greater your chance of exercising leg muscles. 4. Can effectively lose weight Riding a bicycle to lose weight, this is my personal experience. I have gained weight once and reached 110 kilograms. When I heard about riding a bicycle to lose weight, I continued to lose weight for a month. I really lost it and reached my normal weight of 90 kilograms. Therefore, the bicycle is still a weight loss tool. 5. Can increase your cardiorespiratory function If you insist on riding a bicycle every day, you can also enhance your heart and lung function. The high heat energy brought by cycling can effectively increase one's own metabolism and make blood flow smoothly. 6. Bicycles and free sightseeing As long as you have time, ride your bicycle and go sightseeing with friends. Close contact with nature can not only increase your interest, but also enhance the friendship with friends.

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