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The Production Process of Carbon Rims In TOP-FIRE

  • February 01, 2021

The Production Process of Carbon Rims In TOP-FIRE

TOP-FIRE represents the latest technological advances in carbon-fiber bicycle rim performance products. Engineered from the trail up to be lighter, stronger, faster and more aerodynamic.The production processes are as follows:

Preform fit->Preform into the mold->Thermoforming->cooling->Mould to take product->Pull air bag->Secondary heating->Sandblasting->Hole processing->Polish

Preform fit:

Paste the shape of the product according to the structural design drawing, not more paste less paste.

Preform into the mold:

When entering the mold, the preformed product should be straightened out to avoid yarn clamping.


155±5℃/1 hour.


After cooling, the mold surface temperature is 90℃↓.

Mould to take product:

The product must not be bruised.

Pull air bag:

The air bag needs to be removed clean.

Secondary heating:

The product is heated twice to eliminate internal stress and improve the reaction rate. 150±5℃/2.5 hours.


The product is sandblasted and coarsened.

Hole processing:

Choose the correct program for hole processing according to customer needs.


Add primer to the surface of the product and make the surface of the product smooth.

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