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Carbon Frame Production Technology By TOP-FIRE Factory

  • January 29, 2021

TOP-FIRE Factory Carbon Bike Frame Production

Top-Fire manufactures and develops high end carbon fiber bicycle frames and accessories for 25years, has rich experience in integrated molding, design and manufacturer of different bicycle frames(Road/MTB/Electric bike frames).The production processes are as follows:



Preform is a very important process for carbon fiber products, directly related to the strength, size, appearance etc... it's easy to make a good product out of carbon fiber, a special material, but it's hard to make 100 products that are exactly like the first one, therefore must have the strict operation personnel and the QC to the SOP cognition and the rigorous. All operators strictly follow the development settings of LAY-UP production, integrated Mandrel technology plus vacuum operation, from the first step to 150 steps of lay-up, the position of the sheet is fixed, the position of the reinforcement is strengthened, and the epoxy is filled, the air duct into the mold molding reserved and positioned for the next stage of molding preparation in advance. All products related to personal safety, we are use the premium import  Japenese Toray carbon fiber like Toray T700/T800.


This section is the most important for the products, GO and Ng is basically decided by this section, this section of the production equipment is high temperature and high pressure, it is in this special environment to promote a good product.We from R & D design-self-mold-production-shipping, such as a set of perfect process.


This section for the removal of product scraps and cutting excess pipe processes, related to the drilling accessories. When cutting excess pipe material, the operator shall strictly follow the cutting SOP stipulated in the development section, sandblast coarsening was carried out on the joint parts of the pipe fittings afterwards in order to provide bonding strength for the bonding of the lower section.


This section is the product for gluing, using high-temperature Epoxy, high-temperature baking fixed.Before gluing, each gluing part should be cleaned with alcohol to ensure the gluing strength. All aluminum parts need to be cleaned by sandblasting before gluing. Then,measuring the upper placental position of the special fixture for the product to ensure the correct placental position after bake fixation.put the tools into the high temperature oven for baking. The baking time is 1.5 h. the oven door can not be opened during this time, in case the temperature reduces the strength of the glue and the frame.

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